Tan & Curl has been serving the East Asheville and Swannanoa area here at 131 Warren Wilson College Road since 1978. Linda Reese, owner and stylist, has been styling hair for 48 years.
In 1985, the salon expanded and put in tanning beds, thus becoming Tan & Curl.
In May of 2005, Linda totally remodeled and changed her focus to not only beauty but also health and fitness. Get Fit at Tan & Curl was created.

Group training seems to be the fitness craze these days; unfortunately, most group training programs are geared toward individuals who are already in good condition. What choices are there for the 80% of American adults who are not regularly active yet? Hydraulic Interval Circuit Training is the answer.

One or the most exciting things about this program is the fact that anyone can receive tremendous benefits, from elementary school age children, to the senior population, and everyone in between. Hydraulic equipment adapts the workload to your individual fitness level. As an individual fatigues, the resistance decreases.

Our circuit-training program consists of a number of hydraulic resistance pieces, alternated with cardiovascular equipment such as: jogging boards, stationary bikes, treadmill and elliptical machines. Participants move from station to station, spending about 40 seconds to a minute on each station.

The variety of formats available is the key to the success of this program. By changing the time of sprint intervals, the time of recovery between sprints, levels of resistance, and order of stations, the number of formats is limitless.

The strength machines are accommodating to each fitness level, and because everyone is on his or her own individual piece of equipment, no one is compared to another. This makes for a very non-intimidating environment where everyone is working to achieve his or her own goals.

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Tan & Curl
131 Warren Wilson College Rd.
Swannanoa, NC 28778
Mon.-Fri. 7:00AM-6:00PM
Sat. 7:00AM-2:00PM
Wednesday closed 11:00AM-6:00PM

Take US Hwy 70 to Warren Wilson College Rd. We are 3/10 mi on your left.

Tanning Beds
Tan with us

Introducing to the Asheville area THE OVATION A 12-minute high intensity super tanning bed 44, 160 watt bulbs to produce a premium tan. 51” wide, larger tanning surface. Or try our Profi 431 Wolff beds (maximum 30 minutes) The Profi features VELOCITY BULBS

Prices:(Velocity Bulbs)
10- sessions for $40.00
5- sessions for $25.00
Individual sessions for $6.00

Prices:(The Ovation)
10- sessions for $88.00
5- sessions for $5o.oo
Individual sessions- $12.00 or $1.25 per minute.